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3 Tips When Renovating Your Home in Wellington on a Budget

Did you know that a massive $1.5 billion was spent on renovating properties in New Zealand in 2013 - an increase on the $940 spent in 2012? If you're thinking about a renovation project of your own here in Wellington, there are many things you need to reflect on before you pick up the paintbrush. Home renovation can be expensive but if you're on a budget, various money-saving hacks will enable you to create the home of your dreams without breaking the bank. Here are just a few of them.

1. Mix and match

Combining off-the-shelf products with brand new items could save you a considerable amount of money - definitely something to consider when renovating your home. The important thing is to budget - and try to stick to it as closely as you can during the home renovation project. 

Yes, you might want that luxury kitchen worktop that you've always dreamed about, but sometimes it's about making a compromise. Decide on how much you wish to spend on your home renovation project and choose fixtures, fittings, and decorative items that suit your budget.

2. Don't always skimp on the essentials

Forgoing big-name brands for cheaper alternatives is often an excellent way to save money. But does it always work? Well, not when it comes to your home. Buying cheaper products like gloss and emulsion paint might seem like a good idea but inferior items often won't do the job as well - and it will be noticeable once the project has been complicated.

This isn't the case for every cheap product out there - and there are plenty of items that perform just as well as their more expensive counterparts - but you might want to do your research before you part with your cash. Screws and wall plugs, for example, might not last as long as more expensive products, and you might end up buying two items in the long run - costing you more money.

3. Go second-hand

There's no shame in buying second-hand, and you could bag yourself a serious bargain! From wall art to sofas to beds to kitchen tables, previously-owned swag could provide you with expensive home decor products for much less. Sounds pretty good, right? A good place to start is your local car boot sale, where you'll be able to find some hidden treasures for your home renovation project. Large rugs? Check. Chairs? Check. Decorative items? Check!

Your trip to the boot sale might prove to be a very useful one! It doesn't matter if some things are dirty or need minor repair work - you can always do this later. Another place to check out is online auction stores, where you'll be able to pick up second-hand furniture and potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars. If find items from further afield, truck rental in Auckland or truck hire in Christchurch is a good and inexpensive way to ship your items.

Need a helping hand when transporting second-hand furniture from a car boot sale to your home? When buying products for your home renovation project? Hireace specialises in truck rental to make carrying heavy items less of a chore. Contact 0800 00 11 22 or visit www.hireace.co.nz today to speak to a member of staff about truck hire Wellington. 

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